Tomorrow 12 Noon, Protest at Claire McCaskill’s Delmar Office

Missourians have spoken time and time again and Sen. Claire McCaskill isn’t listening. She has one last chance to represent the will of her constituents and vote NO on Harry Reid’s fauxcare. If she fails, I don’t think a recall is off-base.

From Jim Hoft:

Tell Claire McCaskill— “We don’t want your stinking gift!”
Wednesday at Noon in St. Louis City.
5850 A Delmar Boulevard

Let Claire McCaskill know that you will do EVERYTHING YOU CAN to see that her days are numbered as a US Senator and that you will do everything you can to MAKE SURE she is defeated in 2012 for selling out Missouri!

We Won’t Forget!
Missouri Doesn’t Want Obama’s Rationed Health Care, Claire!