What Irony: Could Democrats Lose Kennedy’s Seat

From Bill Hennessy over at the tea party site:

Up in Massachusetts, a State Senator named Scott Brown could take Ted Kennedy’s seat in the U.S. Senate.  I can’t imagine a louder slap to Obama’s face (or Andy Stern’s, for that matter) than HIS seat becoming the 41st against socialized medicine.


The mainstream media have been silent on this race, which probably means the polls are trending toward the Republican Brown.  With the election only 3 weeks away, expect this race to get a lot of attention soon.  We might need to have a cyber Barn Raising Party and help steal Kennedy’s seat from the socialists.  If the Democrats lose that 60th vote, Cap and Trade and Card Check could be off the table.

Bill notes that Brown’s ultra-left opponent, Martha Coakley, is a darling of SEIU and landed in hot water after it was discovered that SEIU was illegally using state resources to campaign. Keeping it classy.

Voters are realizing that Brown’s race has become a referendum on fauxcare and Harry Reid’s blank check.