Obama Uses His Bush Similarities to Deflect Heat

Last night Huffington Post ran a piece criticizing those criticizing Obama’s lack of quickness in response to the Crotch Bomber by throwing out their laminated Bush Card:

The bellowing by Republicans over the Obama administration’s supposedly lackadaisical response to the attempted bombing of an airliner over Detroit seems as much about political posturing as legitimate national security concerns.

How else to explain the GOP’s relatively quiet reaction eight years ago to President George W. Bush’s detached response after a similarly-botched terrorist attack?

So two wrongs make a right? Didn’t Obama campaign on a platform of “change?” Didn’t he win the Nobel Peace Prize for NOT being Bush? Why, suddenly, are his defenders attempting to capitalize upon his and Bush’s similarities if for no other reason than to deflect heat from Obama’s inaction?

There is no excuse for any lag time in responding to a terrorist threat or attack. This is the President of the United States. His excuse, and the excuse of his defenders, should be better than “Well, Bush did it.”