Liberal Compassion in Action

Rush Limbaugh said that he hoped Obama’s policies fail, just like liberals said they hoped Bush’s policies failed. Unless, I’m wrong and they didn’t say that and actually wanted him to succeed … ? Limbaugh’s haters go one further and wish death upon him after hearing how he was rushed to the hospital with chest pains:

Here’s a sample of the classiness!

Out of all his years on air, Limbaugh did not wish death upon people, but people will make up that he did, just like they made up these ridiculous quotes about plantations and share them online like its God’s honest truth.

In response to some of the idiotic comments about how some hope Limbaugh gets a black doctor in the hospital, I replied:

(Nevermind that Walter Williams hosts for him regularly, like tomorrow.)

I think Keith Olbermann is one of the biggest meatheads on earth but were he to fall ill I wouldn’t wish the Grim Reaper to be expedient. It’s over the line, heartless.

Wish our “compassionate and open-minded” liberal brethren felt the same.