Show 168: The Whiny Crybaby Edition

On deck tonight:

– Dems in 2007: “We LOVE polls! Especially how, like, they say Bush is SLIDING in them! Yays! Polls NEVER LIE. Especially that Rasmussen!”
Dems in 2009: “The polls LIE! Obama has a 99% favorable rating! LIES! Especially YOU, Scott Rasmussen! Even though you can track the decline in multiple polls from like, spring. Nevermind that!”

– Scott Brown surges in MA. Watch out for the Purple People Beaters!

– Claire Bear McCaskill is upset that Jim DeMint is stalling a corrupt candidate that took Obama eight months to nominate.

– My New Year resolutions. I can tell you that they don’t include eating less bacon.

Jon Burns in studio tonight also; plus Cool Points, same requisite face-melting music, and your calls. 8pm central.


Bernanke: Regulation key to avert crisis

Some Dems Join GOP Opposition to Gitmo Transfers to Yemen

Martha Coakley’s Secret Bank Account – Part 2

GOP cash woes threaten House bids

TSA nominee misled Congress, violated security protocols

Obama orders the “Snowbama”

Jim DeMint lays it out on Errol Southers; McCaskill calls delaying the nomination of a candidate who sicc’d a PI to harass his ex’s new boyfriend “nuts”

John McCain endorses Scott Brown and Jon Burns and I totally fell asleep in studio playing this

Scott Brown’s brilliant campaign ad

Allman Brothers “Midnight Riders”
The Romantics “What I Like About You”
Nikka Costa “Everybody Got Their Something”
Joan Jett and the Blackhears “Real Wild Child”
Chris Isaak “Baby Did a Bad, Bad Thing”