Woman Arrested for Throwing Obama Poster in the Garbage

Photo from Gathering of Eagles: NY

Good grief. From Gathering of Eagles:

Suzi, our patriot, after receiving her food sat at a table near the window.  A cardboard picture was hanging off the wall over her table, being held up by some electrical wires.  She took the sign and threw it in a garbage receptacle.

Unknown to her, the owner of the tavern, and at least one of his workers, are strident Obama fans and the cardboard sign was a picture of Obama of the type that were sold by the thousands as souvenirs for the inauguration.


The Mexican cashier, having noticed Suzi’s disposal of the picture, ran into the kitchen to tell her boss.  He came out enraged.  He grabbed Suzi, but was then warned off by our guys who were in attendance so he backed away a bit.  He continued a stream of vitriol which prompted our folks to herd Suzi out of the tavern and away from the owner.


In the meantime this whole scene was carried on for about two blocks as our guys tried to get Suzi away from this lunatic.  Then the police came.

Four cars worth.  You would almost suspect that a bank heist had occurred.

The Captain in charge spoke to the owner and walked with him back to the tavern.  He later returned to where the police were holding everyone and informed them that Suzi was going to be arrested for Felony Destruction of Property because the owner told him that the picture which had been tossed in the garbage was worth several thousand dollars.

When our guys objected to the exorbitant value placed on the cardboard picture, the captain went back to speak to the owner and came back with a new value of $500 which was the lowest amount he could put on the object and still make the crime a felony.

And so Suzi was handcuffed, searched and driven off to jail.

Personally, I would have told the owner that a poster of some sort was hanging with some wires over my head as I tried to patronize his establishment and it may be a fire hazard. You just don’t touch people’s crap. It does make me wonder if the owner valued his poster that much then why did he have it displayed somewhere HELD UP BY ELECTRICAL WIRES that threatened to fall on patrons in as they tried to eat? That may be too obvious, though.

The reaction to her action was beyond excessive, freaky, and there was no excuse for him to assault her. There wouldn’t have been such a reaction with a McCain poster, a Bush poster, a tea party poster.

So, let me get this straight: we give terrorists Get Out of Gitmo Free cards by way of <fingers>art rehabilitation programs</fingers>, make deals with the Crotch Bomber, but throw away a mass-produced poster, the value of which probably matches the President’s plummeting approval rating, and you’re hauled off to jail, no mercy for you.

Priorities. Different strokes for different folks, apparently.