Claire McCaskill: “We Should Have a Conference and C-Span Should be in There”

While on Jamie’s show we interviewed Senator Claire McCaskill who gave further signs of Democrat infighting as she agreed to issue a press release saying that she supports having a broadcasted conference committee on the fauxcare negotiations. She was challenged as to why, whenever on the Sunday morning talk shows or making other media rounds, she had not taken the opportunity to voice dissent against the actions of Nancy Pelosi and Harry Reid to make the deliberations private.

She also acknowledged that the legislation does enforce penalties for Americanswho do not choose government-run fauxcare.

McCaskill also singled me out by saying my calling her out on her fauxcare vote (because the majority of Americans and Missourians do not support it and her approval rating is sliding as a result) was “politicizing the issue.” I’d say not making yourself available to your constituents (her staff was nice but callers rarely get through and the senator obviously disregards the polling data) and voting for an unconstitutional bill which abuses the commerce clause for the sake of giving Democrats a win under the guise of providing real reform while not actually providing real reform – is real politicizing.

McCaskill did release her statement:

“Hundreds of hours of debate on health-csare reform — both in committee hearings and on the Senate and House floors — have been open to the public through broadcast on C-SPAN,” her statement read.

“I believe that the best way for these negotiations to occur is through the conference committee process, and I have communicated my opinion to the leadership of my party in the Senate.”

Kudos on that end – but so what? I’m not lathering on praise for her doing the job she was elected to do; that awards mediocrity. McCaskill still supports the egregiously unconstitutional aspects of this legislation; her wanting the discussion of merging two faulty bills together does nothing to change that.