Black Panther Head on Michael Steele: “An Old Uncle Tom”

It sounds like Janeane Garofalo is feeding him his lines:

Shabazz singled out GOP Reps. Frank Wolf (Va.) and Lamar Smith (Texas) — two critics on the House Judiciary Committee — along with “Old Uncle Tom, Michael Steele, the black Negro who heads the Republican National Committee.”
“We gearing up for a showdown with this cracker,” Shabazz said, although it wasn’t clear to whom he was referring. “He keep talking – we going to Capitol Hill, we’re just gearing up right now, we’ll go to Capitol Hill.”
At issue is an incident at a majority-black polling place in Philadelphia in November 2008, where two members of the anti-white and anti-semitic fringe group stood in military-style garb, one of them carrying a night stick.

Look, I’m no fan of Michael Steele (I thought Ken Blackwell or Saul Anuzis were better choices during the RNC Chairman’s debate) but this bigoted (dare I say “racist?”) attitude towards him from the Black Panthers is ridiculous.