From the NYT: Is Refusing Bed Rest a Crime?

I’m going to make a very obvious observation completely ironic to the discussion at hand after this. A case of a woman in Florida:

Arguments are under way today in the First District Court of Appeals in Tallahassee, Fla., in the case of Samantha Burton, who was confined to her bed by a judge earlier this year because she was at risk for a miscarriage.

Burton was in her 25th week of pregnancy in March 2009 when she started showing signs of miscarrying. Her doctor advised her to go on bed rest, possibly for as long as 15 weeks, but she told him that she had two toddlers to care for and a job to keep. She planned on getting a second opinion, but the doctor alerted the state, which then asked the Circuit Court of Leon County to step in.

Burton was also ordered to stop smoking.

I agree that this has the potential to be a slippery slope but it’s irrelevant when you consider that you can’t disregard life simply because it’s inconvenient for you at the time. The bigger question I have is why this mother wasn’t as worried as the court about ensuring that her pregnancy was safe and that her unborn child was healthy. (Smoking while pregnant? Ew.) If she was the article certainly didn’t let on.

Getting to the irony I mentioned earlier … I can’t very well buy into the arguments from the left about “the government ruling our lives! OMGBBQ!!1! when these exact same people want, desire, argue for government regulation and public funding of abortion. You’ve already invited the government into your panties, ladies, so please don’t feign surprise when the government decides to do the opposite of your desires with the free pass that you’ve handed them.