Kudlow vs Schumer?

I still would pay to see such a race. From Big Government:

Because of the resignation of Hillary Clinton from the U S Senate and the subsequent appointment of Kirsten Gillibrand, both of New York’s U.S. Senate seats are on the ballot this fall. While most of the focus has been on a potential dust up between the Junior Senator and former Congressman Harold Ford, Jr., no one has emerged as a potential candidate to oppose Senator Chuck Schumer, who’s campaign coffers contain more than $30 million.

New York Tea Party leaders are talking up the potential candidacy of CNBC Talking Head and former Reagan Advisor Larry Kudlow. A graduate of the University of Rochester, Kudlow is one of the architects of the Reagan tax-cuts that sparked one of the great economic boom in modern times. Kudlow who also worked for New York Senator Daniel Patrick Moynihan, is recognized as a leading anti-tax supply side economist. Kudlow is also know as one of the most effective debaters on the Right.

It make sense – and if the tea party pulls a Brown victory for the GOP it may be enough momentum to toss Kudlow across the threshold as well.