Show 184: Obama Backpedals

On deck:

– Obama and his team of campaign advisers move to limit losses in 2010. Um, isn’t that the job of the DNC chair Tim Kaine?

– The case of Ellie Light, the name of which does not sound unlike a lame Lillith Fair act.

– Air America is dead. In more important news, Brangelina may have broken up.

– Comments on the tea party, the requisite family squabbling, and more.

– Uh oh, is SLU demonstrating a double standard?

– I will read Rep. Jeff Roorda’s latest emailed barrage of insults in my Jeff Roorda voice.

– Cool Points! Regular cool tunage!

Prep and resources linked post-show.  8pm central!


Dems Do Blame Bush for 2010 Strategy

Obama task force

CNN poll: 56 percent oppose stimulus program


Spin, spin, sugar: Robert Gibbs on Barry MA: “More people voted to express support for Barack Obama than to oppose him”

Gibbs decides that Blame Bush is the strategy they want to go for in fall 2010

Bush: I don’t miss the spotlight