Lech Walesa Endorses Illinois GOP Gubernatorial Candidate

As a candidate, it’s pretty impressive to get an endorsement from a man who broke free of communism, led others to freedom, and was awarded a Nobel Peace Prize for it. Former President of Poland Lech Walesa is doing just that for Illinois gubernatorial candidate Adam Andrzejewski, whom you might remember from last Friday’s show (1/22). From the America Spectator:

The former Polish president will be the keynote speaker Friday at a Chicago luncheon fundraiser for Adam Andrzejewski, one of five Republican candidates for governor in Illinois.

“I applaud Mr. Andrzejewski’s commendable effort to bring real reform to politics,” Walesa wrote in a letter endorsing the 40-year-old businessman. “His insistence on transparency in public life are badly needed not only in the great state of Illinois, but in any democracy.”


“I have heard that Adam’s opponents criticize his lack of political experience,” Walesa said. “I still remember when some 30 years ago, my opponents were similarly critical of my lack of political background. History has shown, however, that in order to create real change, new factors are sometimes necessary.”

Here’s Walesa’s endorsement letter. Big Gov also has it.

Dig Adam’s campaign commercial via Instapundit: