Show 185: Facepalm?

On deck. Sigh:

– James “O’Keefe is arrested in NOLA for trying to wiretap Mary Landrieu’s phones. Libs will defend ACORN to the hilt but when conservatives see one of their own trip, they call it out. Of course, this presupposes that embezzlement, potential for helping child trafficking, paying their workers below minimum wage (when they pay them, hello STL!) is equal to what O’Keefe did. I’m withholding judgment because all we know comes from the Obama administration – NO ONE else.

– Brock Lesnar bashes Canadian health care

– For all the jokes the left likes to make about Bristol Palin’s born-again virginity, they have no problems supporting Obama’s proposed spending freeze. The one he was against during the campaign.

Adam Sharp joins us because had a protest at McCaskill’s and despite the countless conservative protests that were held with masses of folks outside her office, the news crews came for MoveOn. #bias

7pm central.