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The festivities kick off at 8pm central right when I’m off air. Beer is optional; I’m not going to advocate it on air as I’ve got some young listeners as well, but myself, I will probably be having either my preferred golden can of Stag, cider with whiskey, or some refreshing raspberry tea.

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399 thoughts on “SOTUS Liveblog

  1. Funny how after Mass. the White House now is on Fox news like never before. Now Axelrod is translating – I thought Fox wasn’t a legit news org? What gives Davey??

  2. Okay, I’m outta’ here. Thank you, Dana, for letting us comment here.

    As for Chris…. If you were just being sarcastic, I apologize for misunderstanding and blowing a fuse. If not, then what I said stands….


  3. typical lib. Everything you’re pointing out is found in your response directly. He’s not speaking the truth. He’s putting a definite spin on things… hasn’t raised taxes? By definition of the deficit spending, taxes WILL increase to pay for the largest deficit in history.

  4. I would just love it if McDonnell would give some specific examples to creating jobs, fixing healthcare, cut spending, etc. No need to blame the Dems. We know what is going on. Give us some leadership and speak in answers.

  5. Chris – you go first. Stop blaming Bush for every thing – although I agree that he screwed a lot of things up – and start trying to fix things in ways that follow the fundamental principles set forth in the Constitution, not the principles of Marx, Lenin, Shaw or Mao which seem to permeate with this administration.

    You go first – stop living in the past and do something productive and the fact is – this group cannot. Their ideas are old and warn and socialist philosophy has failed in every country that has tried to use it as its guidepost.

    Get your guys to get out of the private lives of the American citizens – honor the repsonsibilities to protect and defend the Constitution and stop the progressive BS that is held up as the new way.

    When you do that – you can make all kinds of comments about the Tea Party people and how they tend to conduct themselves.

  6. When Chris can contribute and respectfully dissent without personally attacking and antagonizing people and trying to use various names under one IP to give the illusion of multiple trolls, his/her comments will be reinstated.

  7. I would have suggested drinking every time POTUS hisses, but we’d be passed out by now. If it hisses like a snake, talks like a snake…

  8. Ok, I know he only has 10 minutes, but I think he could give a little more substance. We just had a pep talk. I want to see leadership coming from the Republicans.

  9. Where are the concrete policies and legislation from the republican response?

    WOW, that was a whole lot of NOTHING

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