Reading and Watching: Sharp, An-gee-es-kee

Comment on Big Gov:

Let’s see. The kids were taking pictures on federal property. On the other hand Mary Landrieu is taking bribes on federal property. Which of these will take the most heat?

– Great new campaign ad for Illinois republican gubernatorial candidate Adam Andrzejewski:

Sharp Elbows visits the “classy” OFA SOTUS watch party.

From Reboot Congress:

I wasn’t going to blog the SOTU, but I found this line from Obama to be quite rich [emphasis added]: “Well I don’t think American elections should be bankrolled… by foreign entities.” The irony is that Obama’s 2008 presidential campaign was bankrolled by foreign entities. His campaign disabled the address verification system (AVS) on his donation website. AVS is used to verify a card holder’s address. By disabling it, the Obama campaign enabled people the world over to make donations that would go unscrutinized as long as they were under $250.