James O’Keefe and Egregious Double Standards

Ben Stein, writing for the American Spectator:

During the last Presidential election, a gang of men calling themselves Black Panthers showed up at a polling place in Michigan. They threatened any voter who did not vote for Barack Obama. This was witnessed and documented. (I am suspicious of their involvement with the real Black Panthers, whom I knew well in New Haven, who had a little more finesse along with many, many faults.)

The bullying was barely reported in the media. Even though it is an unequivocal violation of voting rights laws, it was decided by Obama’s Attorney General, Eric Holder, not to prosecute the case at all.


A few days ago, four young conservatives posed as telephone repairmen and entered the branch office of Senator Mary Landrieu of Louisiana in New Orleans. Their goal was to check to see if the phone system in the office was working. The men, under the leadership of a young media impresario named James O’Keefe, were querying why constituents of Sen. Landrieu had been unable to register negative feelings about Obamacare on the Senator’s phone line. They had been told that perhaps the phones were out of order.


Meanwhile, no charges against those thugs with the clubs at the polling place.

Even though the FBI affidavit said nothing about “wiretapping” or “bugging the phones” that didn’t stop a bunch of lemmings from hollering that O’Keefe wasn’t a journalist while they all pretended to be journalists by making up crimes O’Keefe didn’t commit in their Tweets, articles, and blogs.

O’Keefe went to a corrupt, bribe-taking senator’s office dressed as a phone man to document why the bribe-taking, corruptocrat was not taking voters’ calls on fauxcare. At best, he’ll be charged with a misdemeanor. Mary Landrieu should also be charged, seeing as she entered her office with the intent to uphold the will of the people and act within the bounds of law and there is good argument that she’s done neither. The left, so anxious for blood after their corrupt, embezzling campaign arm neighborhood organization was exposed, that they jumped into a fray without a shred of fact. Now, when they’re not busy retracting what they’ve said or getting reprimanded by the brass for it, they are, possibly for the first time in their lives, praying, praying that the rest of us will forget their libel and slander.

Interestingly enough, the kitten mews about O’Keefe were drowned out by the talk surround the Ellie Light. Patterico details how it is illegal in California (California Health Care Worker Claims Pseudonym ‘Ellie Light’) to fake letters to newspapers:

Winston Steward violated this law by sending letters to dozens of newspapers all across the country — many of them in California. Steward lives in California, in a city called Frazier Park. Does the Kern County D.A. plan to prosecute him?

I sort of doubt it.

I do know one difference between Winston Steward and James O’Keefe. O’Keefe was searching for the truth. Steward was peddling lies.

It seems the Ellie Light case is a tactic the left likes to employ for various efforts. Take 24thstate’s account (he highlights the CA penal code, too) of Forefront Organizing doing the same here in Missouri.

Notice the lack of outcry from the left on either of those cases? Thought so.

It’s sad: if liberals are so supportive of ACORN then why do they circle the wagons and refuse to cede it’s problems so as to make things right? Because in the end, they only care about winning the argument; they are unable to see anything else and thus lose by their own hand. The liberals aren’t the only ones who lose: entire neighborhoods lose out as well.