Show 190: It’s the Deficit, Stupid

Tonight is packed. On deck:

– Obama & Co. unveil the budget and surprise! More spending and only a$20 billion in reductions? $20 billion out of a $12,290,490,437,342.24 overall deficit that this President tripled?

Yes, tripled. So if we each share $39,934.98 of debt then that would make us owe only $199 dollars less based upon a a 1/2 percent deduction, which is the amount of the proposed cuts in this budget. Yes, I realize that I’m looking at a debt based upon the deficit as a whole (the debt of a trillion-dollar deficit is still pretty ridic) and not for this particular year respective to the budget, but seriously – nitpick. THAT is the amount of our debt, congress adds to it every year and this administration spends money like it’s going out of style more than Bush ever did. I’m looking at a reduction to debt AS A WHOLE.

Jay Stewart joins us at 7:40

24thstate joins us at 7:20 to discuss a new story on Missouri politics

– Tomorrow is Illinois’ GOP primary! (Go Adam!)

Ed Schultz joins us to talk about his Haiti relief project and a Glenn Beck giveaway

– Newt Gingrich says that we were right about that whole Scozzafava thing.

– Today in Stupidity and cool tunes.

7pm central!