Democratic Governors’ Association Releases Tirade Against Voters


———- Forwarded message ———-
From: Colleen Turrentine, Democratic Governors Association <>
Date: Tue, Feb 2, 2010 at 3:52 PM
Subject: Please sign here
Dear –

Tea Party hysteria has snowballed into a truly dangerous third-party political force. These guys aren’t going away. They’ve proven they can raise millions in a matter of hours and they’re skewing elections across the nation. Can you imagine the havoc they would wreak if they took office en masse? If they had their way, how many states would even stay in the U.S.?

After the GOP won two Democratic governorships and, just last month, took Ted Kennedy’s U.S. Senate seat (after 57 years in Democratic hands), the Far Right thinks they have the momentum to defeat us this November — even the 37 governors’ races that are up for grabs.

These angry, extremist Teabaggers will go to any length to crush every inch of President Obama’s agenda.

Stop them before it’s too late — sign the DGA’s petition to stand with President Obama and support his agenda.

Americans, every one of us, deserve governors who will fight for the middle class — not self-serving politicians who kowtow to special interests whose political hero is Sarah Palin. But that’s exactly what the GOP’s Tea Party-obsessed candidates are doing.

Tell these obstructionists to stop playing politics with people’s lives. Click here to sign our petition: voice your outrage at the GOP’s destructive pursuit of power and support President Obama’s brave and historic efforts to put our nation back on the right track.

President Obama is facing the greatest challenges of our age, not to mention a monumental mess left behind by eight years of Republican rule. And yet he’s accomplished more than any first-year president in recent history. But, as they’ve done continuously since being booted from power, Republicans are fighting to steer us back to the failed policies and fear tactics of the Bush-Cheney-Rove era.

With 37 governorships, 36 Senate seats, and the entire U.S. House up for election in just nine months, Republicans are going to the lowest lows — lying, cheating, smearing — to destroy the achievements we’ve fought so hard for. And you can bet they have no plans to stop.

Tell the Party of No that we won’t let them drive our country into the ground once again — sign the DGA’s petition and let the GOP know you’re behind President Obama’s progressive solutions, not Tea Party Republicans’ shameful and dangerous political games.

Then, in support of President Obama, forward this to every friend and relative you can. Each voice added to yours and mine will build the power of our message and create a potent antidote to the Tea Party’s hate-filled political hysteria.

Because as loud as they yell, with enough voices of our own I know we can prevail. Help us spread this message. America deserves better than the GOP’s callous political games. America deserves solutions.

Thank you for standing with us,

Colleen Turrentine
Democratic Governors Association

[Bold and photos obviously my emphasis.]

So let me get this right: what we have here is a hysterical, cruelly-worded email sent out to worn people of hate and hysteria from their political opponents? They seriously brought up secession? Because they don’t understand that each state is entitled to its own sovereignty under the 10th amendment which means that this or ANY administration can’t impose upon it anything it wants to federally? Because they don’t understand what reaffirming a state’s 10th amendment right actually means? And these people, people who have no clue what rights are enumerated in the Constitution, are running congress?

Interesting how they say “Americans, every one of us” and exclude those with whom they dissent from being “American.” Is this the creation of a second-class citizenry: believe as we believe or you aren’t American? We’re not American simply because we disagree with Obama’s policies? He may not be the president that we wanted, but he’s still our president and we’re no less American simply because we don’t see eye-to-eye.

The party of no? The democrats wasted a supermajority. Republicans lacked the power to be anything but bystanders – and they were completely eliminated from amending legislation in the House. The democrats caved to special interests and frittered away  SUPERMAJORITY. That’s no one’s fault except the party in control of congress who set an agenda that was too big-government-ambitious for the American people.

Speaking of the American people – they must be applying their contempt to those who don’t even identify themselves as republicans as well as the majority of Americans:

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Shall I continue? I have pages and pages of saved trending.

Lying, cheating, smearing? (also this) Seriously? DGA wants to have this conversation? (Hey DGA: ask your member Gov. Nixon about the Lake of the Ozarks and e coli, will you?)

Speaking of more cheating, DGA was recently fined over campaign finance reports:

The State Board of Elections is levying a $2,500 penalty against the Democratic Governors Association, which has funneled nearly $2.2 million to a group running a TV ad critical of Republican gubernatorial candidate Bob McDonnell.

David Allen, campaign-finance manager for the State Board of Elections, said he plans to assess the civil penalty to the DGA for failing to file timely campaign finance reports.


Then there’s the not-so-sneaky front group it funded to attack Bob McDonnell

Comedy gold.

(h/t Brooks)

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