What is the Ensuring Liberty PAC

Good write-up from Bill Hennessy:

When Dana Loesch and I launched the first St. Louis Tea Party in February, 2009, I had no idea it would create the political stir it did.  I did not know there would be more events.  I did not know we’d slow down the socialist tsunami that was descending on America.  I might have hoped for such an outcome, but I did not expect it.

When the St. Louis Tea Party coalition announced the April 15, 2009, Tax Day Tea Party, we described it as “Round 2 in a 10-round fight that ends with a massive change in Congress at the 2010 elections.”

The Ensuring Liberty PAC is one critical piece of the puzzle that will cause a massive change in the makeup of the U.S. Congress in 2010.


The ELPAC will perform services for candidates similar to those previously performed by NRCC and the like.  We will identify candidates who arose from the Tea Party movement and who espouse our values on fiscal responsibility, limited government, national security, and low taxes.  If a candidate strays from our values during the election, we will exit that race and let everyone know why.


  1. A third party would have created a permanent ruling majority of statist and progressives.  As I studied the matter and spoke to people way smarter than I am, I realized that the 3rd party move could only help those who want socialism.  I blogged about this extensively, here here and here (just to name a few). Just creating a 3rd party would consume most of the center-right’s energy, time, and money for at least 2 years. And after that, at best, the 3rd party would pick up a few seats in Congress while splitting the center-right vote in hundreds of others giving Democrats a massive majority in both houses.  Sorry, people, but that’s not standing on principle: it’s standing on our brain.

ELPAC will mostly support conservative candidates running as Republicans who have a reasonable chance to win with our help.  For candidates like Doug Hoffman, we will provide the 3rd element he lacked: a serious, well-coordinated ground game.  In these races, I believe we will be THE difference.  In this election, I believe we will be part of the margin of victory for freedom.


In addition, in 2009, we asked for very little in the way of donations.  We told you that the time would come for you to invest your dollars in political campaigns.  That time is just around the corner.  ELPAC will use your donations to win critical races, replacing the current Congress with one responsive to the Tea Party’s agenda.  It’s as simple as that.

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Without putting action with all we’ve done to raise awareness, we’re just a bunch of people standing on the street with signs. The Liberty PAC is described as something that works as a complement to the tea party movement, not as something to supplant it. The tea party was never meant to be a literal “party.”