St. Louis Alderman Demonstrates Why Tea Partiers are Mad

Comedy gold. Elliot Davis’s report on Alderman Stephen Gregali’s waste of over $3,000 in taxpayer dollars with his brilliant idea to literally plant trees right on the street:

ELLIOT DAVIS: I’m trying to make sute I put the question correctly. The roots end up breaking up sidewalks, why couldn’t the same thing happen with the street? Could that happen?

STEPHEN GREGALI: I don’t know, why don’t you ask a botanist and see if they’ll answer your question.


GREGALI: So should we cut down every tree in the city?

DAVIS: No, I’m asking why did you plant trees in the street?

GREGALI: Your questions are really kind of ridiculous.


GREGALI: They got new sidewalks, they got new curbs, and they got brand new trees.

DAVIS: In the street.

Stephen Gregali is grilled by Davis.

Davis asked why no one thought to look into the purpose of planting trees in the street so that roots could destroy said street later. Gregali’s genius response was something about how they were trying to be more green. I didn’t realize planting trees in a brand-new road so that the road could be broken up later and the trees possibly cut down due to poor planning was “green.”

It’s interesting to note that this is the same alderman who lashed out at tea party protesters last April over their anger at wasteful spending:

St. Louis Democratic Alderman Stephen Gregali said if the protestors were upset about spending, they should direct their anger at the deficits of the previous administration.

(The previous administration meaning the Democratic congress which took power in 2006, I’m sure.)

(h/t Ed S.)