Unreal: MO Sheriff Told to Release Illegal Immigrants

One of those released had a warrant for their arrest.

From the Daily Journal Online:

Local authorities rounded up 14 illegal Mexican immigrants Saturday who were working in St. Francois County and then were told to turn them loose. St. Francois County Sheriff Dan Bullock said the illegal immigrants were building the new Hampton Inn in Farmington.

“Our Chief Deputy Greg Armstrong sent a couple of deputies to the construction site on Saturday,” Bullock said. “Why he sent them I’m not real sure. But when they arrived, the workers scattered and took off on foot. Four of the illegal immigrants were taken into custody at the site, the rest scattered throughout Farmington.”

Bullock said all of the immigrants were in this country illegally. The sheriff claimed the contractor building the hotel is responsible for hiring the immigrants.

“The sheriff’s department, the Farmington Police Department, the Leadington Police Department and the Park Hills Police Department rounded the illegal immigrants up later Saturday evening,” Bullock said. “None were here legally.”

Bullock said only one of the 14 is still in custody. He said the Department of U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services, formerly INS, said to release the other 13 immigrants.

“The one that is still in custody had a warrant for his arrest,” the sheriff said. “Immigration said to release the rest. They said they didn’t want them. There was nothing more we could hold them on, so we had to let them go.”

An out-of-state contractor from Texas builds a hotel in southern Missouri and gives jobs to people who are not here legally, one of whom has apparently committed a crime.

This makes me think of the law enforcement official who called into the show a few weeks ago to recount an experience she had near the Mexican border concerning possible terrorism. Sunday we had a TSA agent call the show to inform us about the Behavioral Detection Officer program implemented four years ago which prevents BDOs from detailing sex or race when describing possible suspects. Several of the 9/11 hijackers were here on expired visas.

We have state law enforcement enforcing the laws and the federal level telling them to ignore them.

Unbelievable. Developing this story.

(Thanks, Tom)