Local Reporter Jaco Goes After Videoblogger, Calls Activists “Vile”

While at a recent health care rally ‘turfed by HCAN, Sharp Elbows’ Adam Sharp confronted local reporter Charles Jaco. Jaco is known for disparaging activists on both television and radio; he likened activists at the 4/15/09 rally in St. Louis to militias and white supremacists (again, the Jim Crow-esque habit of liberals ignoring the contribution and presence of black conservatives when they don’t fit into Jaco’s white, liberal narrative). He’s referred to activists as “tea baggers.” Jaco thinks that

Sharp simply asked Jaco about this at the rally. Jaco responded by appearing to chest-bump him while Sharp’s camera is rolling (5:08). Watch Sharp’s video here. Another activist says “We’re going to get you guys next.” WTH?

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