Huck: CPAC “Too Libertarian For Me This Year”

From The Hill:

Huckabee also said the organization has become “more libertarian and less Republican,” which he cited as “one of the reasons I didn’t go this year.”

That analysis seems to be borne out in this year’s presidential straw poll results: Rep. Ron Paul (R-Texas) won with 31 percent of the vote.

A quick note: only a fraction of people voted in the straw poll, the results of which were booed and even slammed by CPAC staffers.

The notion that Ron Paulers invented the tea party (now that’s a memo to the Sons of Liberty) seems fame-whory to me – sure, Paulers were out protesting before this time last year – rock on for that. However, the tea party movement began with Rick Santelli’s rant on the Chicago trading floor. That’s indisputable and a minor point in the scheme of things.

Was CPAC libertarian? Perhaps that may have been this year’s flavor because that which threatens this country the most at the moment isn’t a social issue: it’s excessive government spending, control, the federal shrinking of individual liberty. It’s a common issue among all right-leaning political factions. To say that social issues have fallen by the wayside is intellectually dishonest: it ignores that the most pressing threats are federal expansion, the second stimulus, fauxcare, cap-and-trade. It’s fighting the right legislative battles at the right time.