The Big Dana Show News

Starting March 1st (next Monday!) I’ll be moving from my M-F 7-8pm slot to M-F 2-4pm, Hannity’s old slot. This is in large part to ratings, and telling the brass that you want another hour of the show. Thanks so much for your support these past two years. Also big thanks to my station, KFTK 97.1 FM, and my producer, Kevin, and associate producer, Liz, for being so fantastic at what they do.

The new deets on the programming:
2-5a.m. The Dave Ramsey Show
5-6a.m. The Wall Street Journal This Morning
6-9a.m. Allman In The Morning
9a.m-Noon Glenn Beck
Noon-2p.m. Laura Ingraham
*NEW!*2-4p.m. Dana Loesch – The Dana Show
4-7p.m. The Dave Glover Show
7-9p.m. Sean Hannity
9-11p.m. Michael Savage
11p.m.-2a.m. The Mark Levin Show

My Sunday night 8-10 p.m. slot will be commandeered by the fabulous Marc Cox of KMOV Channel 4 beginning March 14th. My last Sunday night show will be this Sunday, February 28th, where I’ll hand it off to Marc. Because of the new time schedule, this also means that this week will be my last Wednesday and Friday with Allman in the Morning, the place that started it all.

I’ll be sad not to be Savage’s lead-in every night, but glad to have family dinner time back. Everything else will remain the same, podcasts, Danacam, guests.