The RFT Story

A couple of months ago Kristin Hinman with the RFT asked if I’d be game to allow her to do a profile piece on me. I was hesitant, but in the end agreed, and here is Kristin’s piece:

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A few clarifications and answered questions:

– Craig Wagner was paid, what I could afford at the time and what he accepted, for his work on my other website, and in all other instances, emailed responses that he would prefer assistance with referrals for jobs in exchange, with which he was assisted. No one was ever forced, asked, or expected to work “for free.” And I am not a Kennedy.

– The Coach bag and earrings were birthday gifts from my mother, since I’ve already gotten email from people so very interested.

– I log my homeschool hours using software called Homeschool Tracker. I use an app on the Palm Pre for when we’re on the go.

– KFTK is not considered a “Fox affiliate.” It carries the Fox news feed but is not an official affiliate.

– Tea Partiers do not call themselves “teabaggers.” Hit at 5:51:

(Courtesy Founding Bloggers)

– On free speech and Dave McArthur: the beauty of free speech is the ability to speak freely. The ugly side of it is not always agreeing with the free speech being freely spoken. McArthur was referencing terrorists who are out there tying to blow up his Marine son with IEDs.

– I do not own the blue coat so I do not know where you can get it (Christie, Beth, Lisa, and Scott). It is actually linen-colored; they adjusted the hue to make it more fitting of the revolutionary period. It was also large enough to fit John Goodman.

– My husband did not being me into the conservative tent, as there were many issues belonging to the Democratic platform that I did not share; it was a gradual process cemented by 9/11.

– The belt is also not mine (Keith).

– I wish all the liberals I know where as tolerant and fun as my liberal friends and those with whom I interact regularly on Facebook and Twitter. We can debate, laugh, and then have a beer. I also do not begrudge those associates who, after I became more vocal, found that they could not accept all of me as opposed to just a part. That’s a method that I don’t entirely agree with, in terms of editing who you are getting to know, but accept because each person handles things differently. I choose not to personally attack friends, even if they are liberals, and have gone out of my way to not do so.

– My hair is naturally that curly (Becky).

– I was an average Jane who helped to organize a town hall. I’ve also written about and discussed astroturfing extensively. There is no point in engaging in a discussion if the starting point for a discussion is the omission of that fact and the inclusion of incorrect information that has been tirelessly addressed. (Not reflected in the chosen Tweet excerpt.)

– We did not throw the tea bags into the river, but rather only loose-leaf tea. No litter.

– I developed a thick skin due to previous years in the blogosphere. A man called me “another stupid woman” on the phone and I let him have it, deservedly.

– Not a clarification but an observation: Andrew Breitbart is a fantastic person. He is new media.

– The cover was Jennifer Silverberg’s idea (Tim, who asked if I dress as a soldier every day or “was that special for the RFT?”).

I’m positive the regular coterie of people who tend to follow me around on the web who make up stories about how mean I am/was/whatever will populate the comments. (In fact, I’m betting on it – so don’t let me down now! I’ve got $20 on you!)

Kristin is very nice and gracious and a good writer and easy to talk to. I admire her work and thank her for her journalism. Jennifer is great photographer with which to work.

*DSM already has his favorite quote.