Favorite Moments from the Bipartisan Staring Contest Summit

I know several other lawmakers had their stories of someone they met/knew who had some problem with insurance, but Rep. Louise Slaughter took the cake with hers:

I enjoyed watching Rep. Paul Ryan school some folks about the difference in philosophy: some people want Uncle Sam in their pants, their purse or wallet, in their bedrooms, in their houses, in their doctors’ offices, and some don’t.

When Biden wasn’t yelling he was talking about how he does absolutely nothing as Vice President. Reach for the stars, kids:

Rep. Eric Cantor scared Obama with the monstrosity of Obama’s own bill. When the President ridicules his own bill as a “prop,” that should say it all.

Obama was testy at times and looked downright unhappy about having to have a conversation about Americans’ health care in front of cameras, where he was live, sans TOTUS. The Perpetual Campaigner snapped at John McCain:

Considering that he’s allowed Pelosi and Reid to lead where he should, due to his lack of executive, or even business, experience – and that his best and really only strength is campaigning – I found the exchange amusing.