Louis Farrakhan has a Pat Robertson Moment

Except Robertson’s idiotic comments are pepper talk about being of service to each other, not about hating teh Joos, et al.

From Jammie Wearing Fool:

Calling this weekend’s earthquake in Chile a precursor to his message, Nation of Islam leader Minister Louis Farrakhan today said America can not avoid the disaster and destruction that is in store.

Delivering an address titled. “The Time and What Must Be Done,” Farrkhan addressed thousands at Chicago’s United Center to mark the movement’s Saviours’ Day, commemorating the birth of W. Fard Muhammad-the founder of the faith 80 years ago.

“It’s not an accident that a great earthquake took place in Chile,” he said an hour into this speech. “It was a precipitate of what I have to tell you today of what’s coming to America. You will not escape.”


Much of Farrakhan’s speech, so far, has detailed a 1985 vision he said he had in Mexico.

Farrakhan has often recounted the experience where he says he was invited up to an unidentified flying object and warned about future events, including the 1986 attacks on Libya by the U.S.