Tonight: Last Sunday Night Dana Show


I started in radio two years ago, an opportunity brought by my previous years blogging and freelancing in area publications. I’ve loved Sunday nights and it’s showed: the show went from #28 in its debut to #1 in recent books and the flow and the freedom the slot has afforded was a wonderful place for me to sharpen my skill. Broadcasting is an art; I never before thought of it that way until I became a broadcaster, but it is and I’ve much respect for those who make it look so effortless.

But, it’s time to move on. Tomorrow starts my new 2-4 p.m. central time slot. I’m happy that the change gives me more time during the week with my family, a full weekend, and dinners home, whereas before I was working three shows at times scattered around the clock. I’m looking forward to it becoming a more normal schedule and obviously, a longer show in a prime time daypart.

I will miss though, the nighttime. The relaxed nature of the show. No more cocoon.

Tonight the Sunday night torch passes to Marc Cox, who will join me in studio. His new show will debut in this time slot on March 14th.

Thanks for all the support these past two years, for the ears, emails, and calls. Onward and upward.

On deck for tonight:

– President Obama signs the extension of the Patriot Act

– Does Pelosi have enough votes for the nuke option? Not yet …

– The first anniversary of the tea party movement

– Cool Points

8pm central.