Tuesday Dana Show

TCB this a.m., more after the show.

Speaking of which, on deck today:

– Andy Stern’s vision of a financial world order as the new “fiscal responsibility manager”

– The admin promises $900 million for Grad Nation (to say nothing of the Race to the Takeover Top program) to do what parents should already be doing but what the government discourages them from doing; plus comments on last night’s O’Reilly

– Ed Martin joins us for a quick heads up on tomorrow night’s health care forum

– Cool Points

On Demand Audio from yesterday: the interview with Former Muslims United director Nonie Darwish

2pm central!


Obama caught “lip-syncing” a speech. From The Onion.

Republican Jim Bunning took on reporters after he refused to back a $10b completely underfunded jobs bill.

5. Louis Farrakhan says the “white right” is setting the president up for assassination, blames Obama’s troubles on  teh Joos!

Obama’s new “fiscal responsibility manager,” SEIU head Andy Stern wants a one world order in finance and socialist distribution system.

From my appearance on O’Reilly last night on education – it’s not the government’s job to micromanage life.

Video from United for Obama, the project of Annabel Park, the “independent” behind the coffee party mimicry, in which she also appears around the :50 mark. Also, are there any other words in this song besides “Obama?”