Muslim Women Who Refused Body Scan are Barred from Flight

From the Daily Mail:

Two Muslim women have become the first passengers to refuse to subject themselves to controversial ‘naked’ full body airport scans, it emerged today.

The pair – who security officials insist were selected at random – opted to miss their flight to Pakistan and forfeit tickets worth £400 each rather than be screened.

One of the women refused to go through the full-body scanner at Manchester Airport on religious grounds while her companion also declined for ‘medical reasons’.

The women were travelling together to Islamabad when they were selected to pass through the controversial security screen after checking-in at Terminal Two at the airport.

An estimated 15,000 people have already passed through the scanners, with the pair the first passengers to refuse a scan.

Alex Deane, director of campaign group Big Brother Watch, said the organisation would represent the women if they wished to challenge the decision in court.

But they should sacrifice their lives? Simply because some are too concerned about political correctness to properly mitigate risk? Are they consistent across the board – do they also go after insurance companies for profiling young men who get licenses or do they speak up on certain insurance policies which may require maternity riders for women of child-bearing age and health? They cherry pick which shows this isn’t about rights, it’s about political correctness – politically correct suicide.