Calling All Patriots: 3/10/10

Get sitters for the kids. If you’re serious about liberty then I think you’ll agree that a one-day sacrifice is worth it to make your sentiments known. From Jim Hoft:


** Health Care Rally at  St. Charles Convention Center (map, directions, parking) at 9:45 AM on Wednesday March 10, 2010.

The Wednesday Rally called by Rep. Todd Akin & GOP House Leader John Boehner is the federal-healthcare equivalent of “The Gunfight at the OK Corral” for Missouri!

We need ALL HANDS ON DECK, and ALL BOOTS on the Ground!! If you can take time off work, if you can leave your children or elderly parent with a sitter (or bring them)…if you can at all make this rally – DO IT!

This may be it! Pelosi is trying to bring this to the floor for a vote in the coming days…and is strong-arming all the moderate dems into voting for Obamacare Socialized Medicine – and Federally Funded Abortion. In a “nuclear option” procedure that was never intended for major social mandates, Nancy & Harry…and Leader Obama – clearly intend to disenfranchise well over half of the American People!

This is despite the fact they themselves condemned this same procedure a mere few years ago!
Thanks to Brenda Webb

Additionally the St. Louis Tea Party site has info on the evening protest downtown.

The President’s itinerary.

24thstate has info on the dollar trail.

The President will be making yet another pitch for his fauxcare reform that has been rotting in congress since summer. Despite the fact that the majority doesn’t want it, the President will shut down a public school halfway through the school day to make his pitch. Students will miss lessons so that the school can serve as a backdrop. From listener Bill:

Just received a phone call from my sons high school, they will be letting school out at 11:00 am on Wed 3-10-2010. The school has been chosen as the place that Obama will deliver his Health care speech from. So the kids will lose half a day’s education so BHO can grandstand and ram his communist health care down our th…roats, so much for education. This will take place at St. Charles High in St. Charles Mo. 63301 on 3-10-10.