Stimulus Funds Used to Create Gov’t Jobs for Dem Politicians?

24thstate thinks so:

Seems Maida Coleman, the former minority leader for Democrats in the  Missouri State Senate has landed a full time gig in Jefferson City.  She’s working as something called a Designated Principal Assistant/Liaison.  That sure sounds like a government title, doesn’t it?

I figured it was going to be printed somewhere by the time I got back, but nothing is live.  To make the mystery deeper, her name isn’t appearing on the site.  The position also doesn’t appear in the list of Missouri government jobs for merit pay, and wasn’t posted or even appears to be noticed anywhere in state government, state media, or on personal sites.

Here is the list of Missouri jobs.  There are positions open in the Labor and Industrial Relations division, but they are manager positions under the merit system.  One has to apply for them.  The position Coleman has been “placed” into is apparently not a merit position. It’s a stimulus-funded position overseeing unemployment funds.

Coleman also ran for mayor last election.