CNN Joins Coffee Party on the Astroturf

As seen by this CNN piece, the state-run media is eager to prop up the “coffee party,” founded by Obama volunteer and former NYT writer Annabel Park. Love the “coincidence” of Park being a former NYT writer and the NYT doing a piece on the group barely a week after its inception! Government media invested their last shred of their relevancy in getting President Obama elected and if he fails, they fail also.

No one has any idea as to what the coffee party is actually for; they say they are the alternative to the Tea Party movement – which means that since the Tea Party stands for limited government, believes in upholding the Constitution, and believes in individual liberty, the coffee party, by its own admission, stands for bigger government, bucking the Constitution, and no individual liberty.

It’s nothing more than an astroturfed ploy by the left to lure independent voters away from the Tea Party. This is a stupid move because it presupposes that independents are too stupid to realize that there is no substance to this Democratic posturing and were lured by conservatives rather than run off by socialists “progressives” whose policies tripled the deficit and kicked unemployment to a record high 10%.

Hey Dems! Instead of pretending to be something you’re not, how about moving back to your base of classical liberalism instead of embracing neo-socialism and implementing policies which infringe upon individual rights? Making up a watered-down response to a true grassroots uprising is a #fail.