Video Debunks Lib Accusations That Slurs were Shouted (and Thoughts on Identity Politics)

When faced with intellectual argument, and a litany of polls which prove beyond the shadow of a doubt that Americans do not want this fake reform, this health control bill, socialists fall on the only tactics they know: identity politics.

A plethora of shrieking socialists around the webernetz (again) defamed an entire movement today by insisting that these peaceful (even when being beaten by SEIU folks) protesters are RACISTS! and HOMOPHOBES! (they’ve obviously never listened to my weekday show) for – well, if someone calls someone a RACIST! or HOMOPHONE! then surely, they wouldn’t just casually throw the term out due to spite out of respect for those minorities who truly do deal with discrimination, right?


No, the word on the webernetz is that you are a RACIST! or HOMOPHOBE! for opposing big government.


No, I’m completely serious. What those who are actual bigots and prejudiced against minorities are called now, I dunno, because that term has been co-opted for application against those who stand against a bloated federal government.

A CNN reporter, yes, CNN, the home of the infamous Susan Rosegen, claimed to have heard racist slurs and shouts; other bloggers picked it up. I mean, if you’re going to smear a group of people by claiming that they were shouting slurs, perhaps make sure you don’t post video that completely refutes your claim and makes you look like a race hustler. Just saying.

That’s exactly what it is: race hustling. Identity prostitution and the Democrat party is the biggest pimp of all. To say nothing of Al Gore’s fleecing of the Cheyenne and Arapaho (I take interest in indigenous affairs because of my family’s proud heritage); the evisceration of under-privileged kids in DC to go to better schools via vouchers; Obama bringing in Sharpton to quiet the black community’s concerns that the administration’s economic policies are hurting them; or the cover up of the Gladney hate crime (and the socialists who called him an array of slurs); Democrats use minorities as nothing more than tools to claim power. It’s disgusting and as many, including Jay Stewart, Andre Harper, Charles Lollar, Stephanie Rubach, and others have said, inherently racist. These activists have spent so much of their lives asking the Democrats where is the progress? and pointing out how certain policies destroy their communities.

Socialists go about their concern for civil rights in the same manner that fake Christians go about their faith: they only take it out for the times they think people are watching or when they think that they could gain something from it. They hang it up in the closet when not in use.

What John Lewis (and others) went through was horrible, no doubt, but there is irony in that he now advocates for the same party which oppressed him during the civil rights era – it was the Democrats who set a record 83-day filibuster of the Civil Rights Act, by the way.

Just think about it: Kenneth Gladney was beaten on camera and socialists refused to believe what they saw or defend his civil rights, even though they claim to care so much about civil rights. They flooded comments on articles slurring him, denying the footage. Thirty-thousand people rally in DC, cameras, video footage everywhere, and socialists claim that an incident took place that does not appear in ANY footage.

I honestly think that they know that forcing this bill upon the populace when the majority do not want it is wrong – but it makes it easier for them to reconcile it in their consciences if they think that we are as bad, or worse, than they are or they know this action to be.

Let’s consider how the left has reacted to the black community involving itself in the non-partisan tea party: they ignore them. Keith Olbermann, others, they oppress by ignoring the contributions and accomplishments of such brilliant, inspiring black conservatives like Condi Rice, Lt. Col. Allen West, Issac Hayes (candidate), and others.

Conservatives believe in empowering ALL, giving EVERYONE the opportunity to better themselves and seek greater opportunities. Conservatives believe that people control the state and not the other way around. They believe in true equality (stay out of people’s bedrooms, churches, and doctors’ offices). Socialists (there are few liberals left and they are different) believe in making people wards of the state, dependent upon the state for their needs even though the benefits will be less than the benefits they would receive had they the right to seek those opportunities for themselves. Socialists break a people and then masquerade as the solution for the people’s ails. They may promise to stay out of people’s bedrooms for now, but they believe they should be in your doctors’ offices, and you’re kids’ classrooms.

Conservatives believe that all men are created equal and that we alone have the right to determine our path. Socialists believe that all men are created equal and only the government can keep them equal.They advertise policies which betray their thoughts, policies that presuppose that some are inferior in capability to others and thus must depend upon the government for their equality. It’s an attempt to market a carefully manufactured compassion that in truth is a bribe. The hand that feeds you is the hand that holds you down.

Conservatives get a bad rap from the uninformed, by those who would purposefully defame us as a way to neuter and shield the message of love, inclusion, and kindness that is the basis of the conservative belief.

It’s ridiculous that some cannot discuss the valid concerns over this legislation and the procedures used to vote upon it without insulting communities that have worked too hard and come too far to have their journey co-opted by a bunch of socialists who are grabbing at anything as they slide down the hill. It’s completely ironic either unintentional or intentional.

*American Thinker adds:

But the fact is, all we have is his word for it. There is no video or audio evidence that has surfaced that would confirm his very serious charges. On the other hand, we have the video above that debunks them.

Who to believe?

Lewis has earned the right to be believed. Would he abuse that trust to make up charges like this in order to cast aspersions on a very effective lobbying force against health care reform? I honestly don’t know. But I believe he would not be above exaggerating what happened in order to score political points against his enemies.

Indeed, even if a few yahoos tossed racial epithets in Lewis’ direction, is that any cause to tar the entire 10,000 strong protest with the smear of “racist?” Certainly not. And if he’s going to make that charge, he better have a helluva lot more proof than his say so.

*Update: I’ve received many emails from firsthand witnesses, all confirming that it didn’t occur. From photographer P.D.:

I am photographer – based out of Atlanta.

I travel around to various Tea Party rally’s and photograph the events.

Specifically concerning the “spitting incident”…
— I was there when the incident occurred.
— The Tea Party person was screaming “Kill the Bill” and some saliva came from his mouth… but not in the fashion “of a spit”.

I have some photos and video that I captured immediately afterward the incident.

Both show “2 friends” of the person who was arrested.

Apparently, the police said he was not arrested… but I do know 4 or 5 Senate Police grabbed “the suspect” and pulled him into the Cannon Building to interview / interrogate him.

His friends were concerned… that he was taken away.

Christina B. wrote:

I spoke w/the Public Information Ofcr (PIO) Sgt Kimberly Schneider this morning.  I asked her about the “slur” and “spit” incident.
She said there was one man detained and questions, but that criminal element could be associated with the man. The Congressmember, nor his colleagues could not positively identify him as the man so allegedly yelled or spit.
I asked if the Capitol City Police officers saw spit on the Member. She said she couldn’t say, that I’d have to ask the Member. I asked if I could get the names of the ofcrs involved. She said no (since there’s no report). She said I’d have to talk to the Member to get any detail on what transpired.
I asked if there were any other arrests over the weekend. She said there were two arrests made for a misdemeanor violation, “Disruption of Congress.” The men’s names are William Gunn and David Sanders. Their (report number) CFN is 20100321602 and -03, respectively. Both men are from Massachusetts. They were arrested, processed, and released.
She referred me to the Report and Processing office to see about getting a copy of the arrest reports. I called there and Ofcr Rivers looked, but could not find the reports. She said it was likely that they had not been turned in yet, and that if I check back Wednesday, they would probably be available.
I asked if there were any other detentions or arrests. She said she didn’t think so. (which mean the immigration guys were well behaved.)
Both of the officers I spoke with answered their phone right away and were patient, helpful, and as informative as I believe they could be.

How easy was that? People need to calm down. I wish there was this much furor after the Gladney incident, which was real and caught on tape.

More firsthand accounts.

Even more – with more video.

Oooh, is that one of those black conservatives around the :436 mark that detractors of the tea party movement like to pretend don’t exist so they can try to invalidate opposition to health control with race? That sort of seems racially motivated, if you ask me.

I think some people are owed some apologies.

*More: Full video of the incident. No one was spat upon. No slurs, either.