HCR Debate – Vote

Updating in this post.

7:40 – I just watched Lynn Woolsey claim discrimination on behalf of all womankind by saying that they are charged more than men.


They have BABIES.

I am offended by her analogy of women = victims. Speak for yourself.

7:53 – John Tierney saying that this bill, with its millions in additional taxes on small businesses per year, will be a boon to … small business. #HuukedonEckohnomicksWerkdFhorHim

7:58 – Tim Bishop: “those who stand in the way of reform are protecting this system.” No, those who are faking health care reform in lieu of government control are protecting this system. The rest of us want REAL REFORM.

8:00 – Gwen Moore (Socialist Party – WI) calls 68% of Americans the “minority.”

8:20 – Mike Pence: “Some say we’re making history, I say we’re breaking history.”

9:26: Virtual hi-five for John Boehner’s speech:

Herr Pelosi now speaking.

9:31 – roll call vote!

Now, will liberty be destroyed. Preparing to vote.

9:48 – House passes Senate bill.


10:00 – Happy birthday to my son. The government just jacked his future.