Dana Show Friday

A jam-packed show today overflowing with estrogen-infused fabulosity.

On deck:

Dr. Melissa Clouthier, blogger and analyst, joins us to discuss the drama between the NRSC and RSCC, Tony Perkins, Michael Steele, and the old guard vs. the new conservative movement

– Phyllis Schlafly joins us to discuss her latest column and answer why it’s important to have a veteran on the Supreme Court. We’ll also talk about women in the tea party.

Adam Sharp’s latest video on Democrat Phil Hare went viral; Hare is now trying to say that his remarks about not caring about the Constitution were taken “out of context.” That’s the thing with video: it’s all in context.

– Open phone lines

– Vote for Tool of the Week before poll closes!

– America’s new favorite game: “Is! That! Racist?”

– Today in Stupidity

– SGP’s Michelle Moore will tell us about tomorrow’s Rolling Tea Party.

2pm central!