NO on Prop A

If Metro was really all that concerned with making sure the nurses in their ads got to work and that people without cars got where they needed to go, then why did they completely waste and mismanage the 1994 tax increase? A must-read:

Similarly, St. Louis voters were told in 1994 that five rail lines would be built with the new tax. They were also told that $4.00 in federal funding would be received for every $1.00 raised by the tax. Now there is barely enough the money to build only one of the five lines. We are told that the new tax is necessary because federal funding has been cut back. In actuality, federal funding for rail construction has increased. However, there was not the remotest prospect of St. Louis receiving $4.00 for every $1.00 raised in 1994, and the tax promoters knew it. Further, more money than planned was spent for operations, rather than rail construction, which caused the St. Louis County Council to suspect payments to Bi-State at one point. But the 1994 election was not the first promise broken with respect to Metrolink — remember that in 1988 the public was told that no tax increase would be necessary to operate light rail, but by 1994 Bi-State threatened to close it down unless a new tax was provided.

This info from 24thstate and Citizens for Better Transit is an also must-read.

Metro has not convinced me that they have the best plans and the best strategy on place and they have not shown me that their past wastefulness with previous tax increases specifically for these issues is a problem they have resolved. I cannot in good faith support this proposition and ruin the last, one good chance of getting something on the ballot for transit – especially if something truly good comes down the pike later.