AP Resorting to Fabricating Sources?

Talk about jumping the shark.

Jim Hoft has details on the AP hatchet job wherein they are not creating unnamed, unsubstantiated characters to back of the false allegations of a hate crime. Keep in mind that when an actual hate crime occurred on video so-called civil rights-caring socialists ignored it and actually added to the harassment. Consistency is important.

From the AP:

Breitbart asked why the epithet was not captured by the black lawmakers’ cameras, and why nobody reacted as if they had heard the slur. He also questioned whether the epithets could have been shouted by liberals planted in the crowd.

We already know that it’s a possibility.

A white lawmaker says he heard the epithets too. Conservative activists say the lawmakers are lying.

If the media is going to engage in character assassination based upon the prejudice against conservatives (and especially if those conservatives are black) they need to actually have real sources and not hearsay, otherwise it’s just libel.

Also remember that Cleaver backed away from Spittlegate.

Or that no one has stepped forward to claim Andrew Breitbart’s $100,000 prize to the United Negro College Fund if the video tapes carried by Jesse Jackson, Jr., and the entourages of Cleaver and Lewis caught what they are alleging. I would love to see it, because if such a thing existed like that in the movement, as we know it exists on the left, it would get pummeled out of the movement, not just by white conservatives but by the plethora of black conservatives that the white liberal patriarchy likes to ignore because it neutralizes their efforts to use minorities as voting blocks (while denying them opportunities, like better schools through vouchers).

From Another Black Conservative:

Anybody else think the black community is being used to set something off?

In the meantime another woman is beaten by a by an open-minded and non-violent leftist for wearing a Palin pin.

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*Hoft says that Heath Shuler was the originator but that he was not present during the walk-thru to the Capitol Building thus, unable to hear what he claimed to hear. Fabulous source-checking!