Estefans Anger Cuban Community over Obama Support

I’m sure it has nothing to do with the fact that Obama is hospitable to tyrants which populate the Cuban regime. Miami Herald:

Mention the Estefans and many no longer conjure up images of freedom and catchy tunes. Now — rightly or wrongly — many associate the name with Obamacare, abortion, powerful unions, creation of a welfare state.

Of course, because they don’t want to see the country to which they immigrated enacting policies which made their home country the despotic, dictator-controlled mess it is. To wit:

The Cuban government operates a national health system and assumes fiscal and administrative responsibility for the health care of all its citizens.[1] No private hospitals or clinics are permitted.

Sound familiar? The penalty that is now our law for going outside the insurance could easily graduate to an outright ban of any services not included in the government “exchange.”


In May 2000, the Cuban government expelled Fr. Miguel Jorda for opposing abortion. Father Jorda’s biggest crime, according to the Cuban government, was to have distributed pro-life literature all over his parish defending life and denouncing the present situation in Cuba.

In a story from the Zenit News Agency, Fr. Jorda said, “The members of the National Health Service itself go to the schools and encourage girls to undergo abortions without further ado, without telling them about the trauma it causes, without discussing the moral and ethical point of view. Presenting it [abortion] as if it were the normal way.”The pro-life movement in Cuba still seeks to establish itself further.

What an excellent way to control costs for an underfunded, government-mandated nationalized health care program. Yes, did I say underfunded?

Challenges include relatively low pay of doctors (physicians are paid only 15 dollars a month[6]), poor facilities, poor provision of equipment, and frequent absence of essential drugs.[7] Cubans often rely on sociolismo and corruption.[8][9]

Oh, and the unions:

Allegations: that the Cuban authorities admit to allowing only one central labor union controlled by the State and the Communist Party, and to thwarting the organization of independent labor unions, which are subjected to official hostility; that workers right to collective bargaining is not recognized; neither is their right to strike authorized by law; that there is systematic harassment and detention of labor activists, that they are threatened with penal sanctions, physically attacked, and their homes violated without search warrants; that independent labor leaders are tried and sentenced to long prison terms; that the property of independent labor groups is confiscated; that State Security has infiltrated informers in the independent labor movement.

Yes, one labor movement entirely co-opted and bribed by the government, the later facilitates the former, where all such labor decisions are made at the national level and the union is nothing more than a puppet of the dictatorship. Sort of like Andy Stern.

Considering all of this, no wonder Cubans don’t support the current administration, or any administration that would seek to emulate Cuban-style government in America.