AP’s Fabricated White Congressman Quote Totally Bunk

Remember the AP story in which they quoted a Mystery White Congressman later identified as Heath Shuler? A funny thing happened on the way to the facts of the matter:

But when we phoned Shuler’s office this afternoon, press secretary Julie Fishman told us the local reporter misunderstood. According to Fishman, Shuler’s comments to the Times-News referred to the general tenor of the protests, not to the black congressmen’s specific allegations.

Fishman said that Shuler was not walking with Cleaver and did not hear the “N-word.”

I don’t believe that a gay slur was used either, considering that the only “sources” for the alleged incident are two liberal reporters who’ve a vested interest in rendering the tea party movement as fringe. Additionally, gays and lesbians benefit more from Uncle Sam getting out of their bedrooms, a tenant of the conservative belief of limited government, just as conservatives want Uncle Sam out of their churches. You don’t besmirch an ally.

I’ve written at length on this and have linked to numerous videos of varying lengths and perspectives all of the alleged incident.