St. Charles Tea Party Disruptor a Repeat Offender

Bob McCarty got video of the tea party crashers in St. Charles who yelled at the speakers. This guy looks familiar:

Really familiar …

We saw this guy when he crashed the Carnahan townhall on aging, the same town hall where Gladney was beaten. I got video of our friend arguing with women (he yelled at one and called her ugly right before my camera began to roll) and caused all sorts of trouble.

I snapped some photos of him because I figured that if there was going to be trouble he’d be involved somehow.

It would seem that he crashes meetings and protests pretty regularly. The Carnahan town hall was specifically on health care and aging and for the residents of the 3rd district. The protest this man crashed today was in St. Charles, not his area … or maybe it was his area which would mean that he wasn’t even a 3rd district constituent for the above photographed town hall. (Of course, considering the number I personally know were brought in as part of OFA,  not many were.)