Sad: Shakira Says AZ Law Will Cause “Detention in the Streets”

“I think that being detained in the street just because of the color of your skin is just wrong, and it’s a violation of human and civil rights.”

I think that’s wrong as well. Fortunately, that’s not what this law does.

(Has Shakira or anyone making such an argument even read the bill? It’s 16 pages. People can read Twilight or Harry Potter but don’t have time to read a 16 page bill?)

Police just can’t detain people in the streets.” If you run a stoplight, get pulled over, and don’t have identification which proves that you’re here legally, then you can be arrested. I’ve discussed this before on my show, back when a hotelier in Farmington, Missouri, ran afoul of the law for employing illegal immigrants, several with a long rap sheet, and how the local police were overruled by the feds when they tried to detain the ones with warrants. Arizona’s law rightfully enacts their 10th Amendment rights to protect their citizens.

I’m not going to get too flummoxed over a non-citizen of this country egregiously misinterpreting our laws and reacting to her misinterpretation of the law and creating an unnecessary controversy for our citizens as a result.

I agree with what a then-Senator Barack Obama said in August 2006 on immigration:

Click image for video. Remarks around :40 mark.