Times Square Bombing Suspect in Custody

And hey, it wasn’t one of those “violent” tea partiers!


NEW YORK – Authorities arrested a suspect in the attempted weekend car bombing in Times Square, NBC News’ justice correspondent Pete Williams reported early Tuesday morning.

A U.S. citizen of Pakistani descent, Shahzad Faisal, was trying to leave the country Monday night at John F Kennedy International Airport when he was picked up by Customs and Border Protection agents, Williams reported.

Hold up – I thought that the terrorists were supposed to love us now that we elected a president that they liked better than Bush. Obama love was supposed to create a tri-color Shepard Fairey shield under which we as Americans were to enjoy our blissful, protected lives, a shield which terrorists could not penetrate, not like they would desire to do so because WHAT UP. OBAMA IN THE HOUSE. So what is with this headline? What is with Detroit and now this? The terrorists were supposed to see our new president and lay down their arms. A younger president. A president who knows who The Situation is. A president who wears Ray Bans. So what, are you telling me that … hate for America wasn’t … related to Bush?