Obama’s Favorite Visitor, Andy Stern, Bringing a “Showdown” to America

One of the scariest things I’ve seen since this administration assumed office. Andrew Marcus is following this over at Big Government:

From the cheap seats, it sure does look like the President of the United States is using the powers of the Executive to coordinate with Andy Stern to organize a series of protests entitled “Showdown In America.”


Take no prisoner, take no names.
Kick ‘em in the ass when they play their games.

Also posted on Marcus’ site:

With the downfall of ACORN as a “respectable” brand, NPA and NTIC are stepping in to fill the void. They are “cleaning up” their look, having removed the red stars from their current logo.

Last year, together with Andy Stern and SEIU, NPA led an angry march against “greedy” bankers in Chicago.*

Angry, anti-capitalist demonstrations from people who think that an alternative (socialism? Communism?) would work better, except that it’s failed in every other country in which it’s ever been implemented. Ever. Russia. China. North Korea. Cuba. Venezuela.

Is this why Andy Stern left his post at SEIU? Because it would look bad, as Marcus hinted, if the head of a labor union, favorite guest and close friend of the President was leading angry marches (with other close friends of the President’s) comprised of people who are on record as having caused violence at demonstrations in the past?

Can you say astroturf?

Such “neighborhood activist groups” are nothing more than quasi Pizza Connections where Marxism is laundered through the front of neighborhood activism. This demonstration is liberal beltway astorturf helmed by a few people who directly contributed to the President’s rise to power.