Spitzer on Kagan’s Much-Discussed Sexuality

Another friend, former New York Governor Eliot Spitzer, a member of Kagan’s social circle at Princeton University, wanted to make the same point as Walzer. “I did not go out with her, but other guys did,” he said in an email Tuesday night. “I don’t think it is my place to say more.”

From Fox Nation.

We got a financial bill about to wreck the rest of the economy waiting in the wings and people are discussing this broad’s sexuality? WGAS? (Acronym.) I could care less if she liked chicks or dudes, Velveeta or Kraft Macaroni and Cheese, girlfriend isn’t qualified for the post. Period. Let’s not drag irrelevant rumors and identity politics into this, like is done with EVERYTHING as a way to distract from her egregious lack of qualifications.

The funny thing about this quote is that Kagan is probably one of few ladies with whom Spitzer didn’t engage in his black sock-wearing fetish.

(h/t teapartycozy)