Tim Burns: the Next Scott Brown?

Imagine securing two true David and Goliath victories under the grassroots’ belt.

Of course, I’m not the only one imagining Brown passing his torch to Tim Burns, R.S. McCain is as well. Burns is running for John Murtha’s (a man who did not think highly of our men and women in uniform, to put it lightly) seat in PA’s 12th congressional district. He’s the sort of candidate that grassroots loves, and they do, which is why he enjoys immense grassroots support.

RedState has endorsed Burns. (And info to get involved.)

The thing is this: Burns isn’t a candidate with a failed bid for congress as baggage. He’s a businessman in the habit of creating jobs and was finally fed up enough with out-of-control Washington that chose to approach American governance the way our Founding Fathers intended. Congressional seats were never intended to be lifelong meal tickets. You serve the people, you do your “time,” and you vacate. Everyone willing shared the responsibility. Dynasties were never intended, but sprung up, like weeds, because the electorate did not take the time to properly maintain the process.

One of the remarkable things we’re seeing with the grassroots movement is the desire to return to the way our government was intended – and the action to back up that desire.

Tim Burns looks to be a step in that direction and a win in PA could send another wave of ripples to Washington.