Are Liberal Bloggers Finally Admitting Gladney was Beaten?

My latest for Big Government. Two black eyes in the span of a week for the Soros media. Dang.

Certain conspiracies have been winding their way through the more desperate and hungry parts of the blogosphere; various liberals have alleged that I, Andrew Breitbart, and others “lied” about Patricia Redington’s handling of Kenneth Gladney (who still hasn’t received justice) and Kelly Owens’ cases.

This is the problem one when one is driven not by intellectual curiosity, but by a pronounced obsessive bitterness, when bloggers’ content is based upon fruits from scavenge and bias, as opposed to actual investigation which requires more skill, demonstrated by 24thState, in a post which requires full reading. This lack of attention to facts was exhibited last week in a hastily-written piece – too hasty to bother confirming the identity of the intended target – on Crooks and Liars. The cogs in the machine each provided cover , a crack in any flank, according to their rulebook, is invalidation of their own. But as for the matter of Gladney and Redington:

They’re wrong, as usual, but then the Soros and SEIU funded Media Matters has never been interested in the truth.  I speak to this because starting that night, August 6th, I’ve been collecting the information on the Gladney case, from public statements to health records to statements from public officials, and just last week, I delivered much of that information to the prosecutor overseeing the case.

Aside from all of this, I’m glad to see, for the first time, real interest in one of the most under-reported hate crimes in America in the past several years. I’m glad that liberals have mustered up enough interest to ask the questions they couldn’t be bothered to ask last fall when they were too busy trying to cover up the crime against a black man.

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*Adding: Ridiculous accusations will not deter from the goals of individual liberty and true freedom – and justice – for all. I, we’ve, been called everything from Klansmen, racists, liars, the libelous accusation that we’re being paid by the GOP or certain shadow groups, et al. and I and others simply don’t have the time to constantly pay respects to ridiculousness born from nothing more than an extreme partisan hatred harbored by a few individuals. We refuse to play such games or allow anyone but the truth to define the narrative. There’s a move on website. Take its title as advice.