Author Andre Harper in St. Louis

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Fantastic military man, author, activist, speaker Andre Harper will be in studio on Thursday for the show and that evening will be signing copies of his book, Political Emancipation, and getting to know St. Louisians. Details:

Thursday, May 20th
St. Louis, Missouri 6:00PM – 8:00PM
Mosaic Modern Fusion
1001 Washington Avenue; St. Louis, Missouri 63101

Political Emancipation:

Over the last few generations, African-Americans have been the most loyal constituency of the
Democratic Party. At the same time, African-American communities have been destroyed with crime, broken families, unemployment, escalating dropout rates and immorality. Its no coincidence that in these communities you will find Democrats repeatedly elected with super-majorities.

Andre Harper, a former Democrat, exposes how he rejected the dominant political thought process that has crippled the black community. He outlines how many of today’s political elite have gained control of the American political system by exploiting African-Americans and the so-called poor.

Harper explains how the same oppressive tactics used by politicians like Andrew Jackson, Franklin D. Roosevelt, Lyndon Johnson are still being used today by those who masquerade as “progressives”. Harper gives first hand accounts of how he overcame poverty and realized the American Dream which he believes is available to all Americans.

Harper empowers Americans to reach their potential by emancipating from an environment that is dependent on maintaining a permanent underclass. Political Emancipation is a must read for anyone who wants a glimpse into the real African-American experience through the mind of a black man that has defied liberal indoctrination and is able to articulate and masterfully exposes its fallacies.

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