More Hollywood Conservatives Speak Out

From the WSJ, on my good friend Jon, of whom I’m proud to call both a friend and a fellow patriot:

Over those eyes he wears a pair of large shades and a Coors cap pulled low. And Jon David is not his real name.

The guy in the spotlight singing “American Heart,” it can now be revealed, is 42-year-old Jonathan Kahn, a Hollywood screenwriter, director and scribbler of songs whose faith in America doesn’t extend to the place he calls home.

Fearful of being ostracized in the town where he peddles his songs and scripts, Mr. Kahn has gone sub rosa on the rally circuit. “It’s for protective reasons,” he says. “In Hollywood, being a conservative is the kiss of death.”

Here was Jon in studio a month ago, playing his song “American Heart,” a portion of which is donated to our men and women in uniform.

I was careful not to blow his identity in the video, but even then he was frustrated with living a double life. He talked of “burning the boats.” Coming out, politically as it were, and not going back. I supported him; the more people we have unashamed, unafraid to speak up in defense of individual liberty and limited government, true freedom for all, then more will come out; the whole strength-in-numbers thing. He’s not the only one; screenwriter and my PJTV colleague, Andrew Klavan, said as much recently to CNS News:

Screenwriter and author Andrew Klavan said that in Hollywood, “(i)f you’re a conservative, especially a religious person, people have to meet in secret. They talk in whispers. It’s a very disturbing kind of culture.”


There is a political/social shift occurring in Hollywood, Klavan told, adding, “I think we’re changing it.  It’s not something that’s happening passively. It’s something that’s happening because people are really making noise.”

“I have nothing against atheists or left-wingers making movies,” Klavan said. “I think everybody should be able to make movies. I simply think this kind of lock-step conformity that has become the default position of American intellectuals has to go. It’s bad for the arts. It’s bad for our intellectual conversation.”

Congratulations, Jon. You are not alone.

“American Heart” on iTunes. Twenty-five percent of the funds go to Ride 2 Recovery.