The Gov’t’s $234m Handout to Create MORE Gov’t Jobs

First the IRS agents for the health control law, then new census workers, now this. You don’t create jobs by making making new positions in the public sector dependent not on the free market, but on tax revenue. That only enslaves people to the further facilitation of those jobs rather than the free market.

The government took the first step Monday in expanding the AmeriCorps program, awarding grants to nonprofits and other organizations to put 57,000 AmeriCorps members to work in communities around the country.

The grants, totaling $234 million, are the first to be released under a new law aimed at tripling the national service program by 2017.

Tripling “national service.” How about creating jobs in the private sector?

AmeriCorps participants mentor children, clean up parks or buildings and weatherize homes for the poor among other activities. Some get a living stipend while they are working for up to a year. Most participants, who are predominantly 18 to 26, get about $11,800.

The left likes to portray opposition to this as unfeeling or proof of a lack of compassion. It seems tremendously callous to me to raise taxes, cap pay, and destroy jobs via cap-and-tax, all of which affect jobs for these people, and diminishes the opportunities that these people have to get a good-paying job and truly empower themselves. Instead, they choose for them the yoke of government control: control of how much they receive, when they can receive it, as opposed to fighting government regulations which are created so as to offer the remedy of government control handouts.